Helpful Tips – Label your Circuits!

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Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, you should always take the time to label your home’s circuits upon moving in. Then when the power suddenly cuts out, or you need to cut specific power for a project, you’ll be prepared! I even have a crude map taped to the inside of my fusebox, to show me where each area is. Room names change over the years – what was a rec room is now a bedroom, and the…

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Weclome to our BLOG!

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As some of you may have noticed, our website has recently undergone some changes. We’ve bolted into this century at warp speed, and now have a sleek, responsive new website courtesy of Richard Black of the local design and marketing firm, Rich Graphics. Part of this new site is the blog, where we intend to share tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts and other helpful information. Please come back to visit often, and subscribe to our RSS Feed to always keep…

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