Green Energy

The Top 12 No-Hassle Ways to Save Electricity at Home

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The easiest way to save on your electrical bill is to get smart with how you use electricity. Make the smart choices below, and save up to $500 a year on your power bill! Turn off the lights – if you’re not using them, shut them off and save. Use natural lighting – South-facing windows provide especially great illumination throughout the day. Use lamps and task-lighting – If you’ve got lamps, track lighting or under-counter lighting, use it over the…

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Top 8 Reasons to Switch To LED Lighting at Home

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The evolution of lighting has taken another giant leap forward with the introduction of LED bulbs. This old technology has been made new and effective recently with advances in technology. You may notice even the city has been upgrading and replacing streetlights with new, modern LED lights – something they never did with CFLs. If you’re home is still running CFLs or even incandescent bulbs – you’re living in the past! An expensive, inefficient past at that. Now is the…

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Wave Power – Tidal Power’s little underfunded brother..

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With the controversy surrounding the big tidal turbine in the Bay of Fundy, perhaps we as a province should look into Ocean Wave Power. Waves are a clean and renewable sources of energy with an astonishing potential for generating electricity. Unlike solar and wind, which are only available about 50% of the time – ocean waves can be harnessed about 90% of the day. If properly funded, explored and exploited, the steady waves of the ocean could meet roughly half…

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Tidal Power – The future of green energy or a menace to sea life?

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Nova Scotia is leading the charge in marine renewable energy, being the first in North America to begin collecting tidal power in the Bay of Fundy. The large tidal turbine installed in November of 2016 is now powering over 500 homes in the province. At a cost of 30 million, it’s been an expensive experiment so far – but 70% of that budget was spent in the Maritimes, giving a boost to local businesses. On the other side of the…

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The future of Wind Power could be Bladeless…

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Continuing our exploration into innovative, green energy sources, today we’re going to take a look at the ever-changing landscape of wind power. Though the iconic and hypnotic giant towers with three spinning blades represent wind power to most of us – that’s about to change. Several companies are working on new paradigm-shifting ideas for harnessing the power of the wind. In Spain, a little company called Vortex is looking to design wind generators that produce renewable energy without blades. Their…

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