Heat Pump

Is a Heat Pump Right for Me?

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One of the most popular home renovations nowadays is an energy efficient heat pump installation. These units can be much more efficient than oil, gas or electrical heating systems, and work wonderfully in our Maritime climate. People are flocking to install them – but buyer beware – when used improperly, or when the wrong unit is installed for the space required, they can be problematic. Always ensure a professional installs your unit, who has taken in to account all factors…

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Winter Tips for Heat Pump Owners

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Continuing our series of tips and tricks for various heating systems, this week we’ll be focusing on HEAT PUMPS. These little gems have gained massively in popularity over the past few years here in Nova Scotia and all across the Maritimes in general. This is due in part to better technology that allows them to operate in a wider temperature range, as well as the low cost to run. They use differences in outdoor and indoor temperatures to work their…

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