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Why Install CCTV at Your Business?

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We see CCTV cameras daily in our lives. From traffic cams, to in-store cameras at major retailers, to cameras at construction sites. There are a number of great reasons to install CCTV cameras at your place of employment. Here’s just a few: Monitor Workers and Visitors – Many of us have a business, but can’t be there all the time. Whether we’re off drumming up new work at a networking event or making sales calls, we need to leave the…

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Check your Fire Alarms Every Spring and Fall

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Fire alarms have saved countless lives both at home and work over the years. A fire alarm is the kind of thing you don’t want to ever have to use, but are grateful for it when you need it! Unfortunately, many people take these devices for granted and we see many outdated or unpowered alarms. Not caring for these devices can be a fatal mistake… This fall (and every spring and fall) you should do a checkup on these wonderful…

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Energy Efficiency Tips for Autumn

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The nights are cooling down, which means Fall is on it’s way here in the Maritimes. Time to stock up on wood and oil if you burn fuel for heat, and to try and reduce your electrical consumption if you have electric heat. Below are some great tips to conserve energy this winter, no matter your heating equipment: Seal those leaks Upwards of 20% of your heat can escape via leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets. When you seal…

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Heat Pump Vs. AC

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With the summer heat upon us here in beautiful Nova Scotia, people are constantly looking for the best ways to cool down. Air Conditioning units are flying off the shelves, and many are looking into heat pumps for their dual-purpose advantages. But which is best for you? Check out the inforgraphic below and be sure to make an informed decision.

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Size Matters… when it comes to heat pumps!

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Bigger isn’t always better in the world of heat pumps. Many consumers assume that a bigger heat pump is better for their home. This couldn’t be further from the truth – and can be a costly mistake. If you go too big, it is nothing but trouble. It all has to do with the science behind the units. When a heat pump initial kicks on, it runs hard to cool or heat the outer air to your set indoor temperature….

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Sun Worshiping in Nova Scotia

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The Nova Scotia government is launching a new program this summer aimed to support SOLAR POWER! If you’ve been considering a solar system for your home – now is the time to start planning. Nova Scotia gets a lot of sun – especially in the summer months. South-facing solar panels can collect plenty of energy and either store it for later use, feed it back to the grid, or heat your air or water. Here are a few common solar…

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Is a Heat Pump Right for Me?

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One of the most popular home renovations nowadays is an energy efficient heat pump installation. These units can be much more efficient than oil, gas or electrical heating systems, and work wonderfully in our Maritime climate. People are flocking to install them – but buyer beware – when used improperly, or when the wrong unit is installed for the space required, they can be problematic. Always ensure a professional installs your unit, who has taken in to account all factors…

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Light up your deck or patio with LEDs!

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Have you always wanted to install lighting on your patio or deck? Well now is the time! With LEDs becoming more inexpensive and prevalent all the time, it’s a great time to add flare to your outdoor spaces. LEDs come in a wide variety of patio-friendly forms. They are often low-voltage or even solar powered, so you won’t notice much difference on your utility bills once installed. And they create a modern, artistic feel that accentuates your existing wood or…

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Summer Electrical Tips for Kids

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Now that the days are getting warmer, soom our kids will be outside tearing around the yard, woods, lakes, pools and beyond. Parents should share a few basic electrical safety tips with their children, to ensure a happy and safe summer. Here’s a basic checklist of things to cover with your kids. Summer Electrical Safetys Tip for Children Be aware of the power lines around you, and always assume the wires are live. Never, ever touch a power line. Not…

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The Top 12 No-Hassle Ways to Save Electricity at Home

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The easiest way to save on your electrical bill is to get smart with how you use electricity. Make the smart choices below, and save up to $500 a year on your power bill! Turn off the lights – if you’re not using them, shut them off and save. Use natural lighting – South-facing windows provide especially great illumination throughout the day. Use lamps and task-lighting – If you’ve got lamps, track lighting or under-counter lighting, use it over the…

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