Energy Saving Tips for Fall and Winter

BRRR!! Now that the cold is starting to descend upon us Atlantic Canadians, it is time to think about bundling up battening down for the Winter. Save energy (and money) this fall by taking a few simple and inexpensive steps around the home! A number simple strategies can save you money across the entire cold season. Take a look below, and see if you could be doing more to save energy in your home this fall and winter!

Get an energy audit

Getting an energy audit will let you know where you stand in terms of efficiency. And it will give you a base comparison for any work you put into making your home more efficient. Also, here in Canada, the government often offers grants and cashback for increasing you efficiency numbers!

Cover drafty windows

If you have old aluminum frame or even wooden frame windows, you should cover them with a thin plastic film for the cold season. Most hardware stores sell kits, which will eliminate drafts, and in turn make your home warmer (and cheaper to heat) this winter.

Find leaks and seal them

Go around the house and feel for drafts, and seal them up! Some people will light a stick of incense on a windy day, and check around windows and doorways. Your best weapon against these will be caulking for windows, and weather striping for the doors. Also check around your chimney and even electric outlets! There are plenty of products on the market to address even these areas.

Adjust the temperature

Get yourself a modern programmable digital thermostat, and set it to keep the house cooler when you are at work. Here at Casa-de-Flinn, the heat kicks on a half an hour before the morning alarm goes off, and tones down at the end of the day for overnight.

Use the heat from the sun

The sun is a tremendous source of heat and energy and can help keep your home warm in the winter. Leave those blinds open on sunny days, and let the sunshine beam into your home. By doing so, you can easily add a few degrees of warmth to your home at absolutely no cost to you at all!

Keep your furnace maintained

A well-maintained furnace is much more efficient than one that is not. New filters, nozzles, and other wear-parts need to be replaced frequently. It may cost a little to have the experts come in and set it straight – but it will more than pay for itself over the course of the cold season.

Lower your Christmas lighting cost

Still using those old strings of Christmas lights? The modern LED lights will save you a bundle if you choose to upgrade – and they look better too!

Have any other tips for us? Be sure to join us on social media and share them with us!