Helpful Tips – Label your Circuits!

Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, you should always take the time to label your home’s circuits upon moving in. Then when the power suddenly cuts out, or you need to cut specific power for a project, you’ll be prepared! I even have a crude map taped to the inside of my fusebox, to show me where each area is. Room names change over the years – what was a rec room is now a bedroom, and the storage room is now an office!

Look around and locate that grey metal box – and if you have access, get in there and get labeling! To start just flip a switch, and see what went out. Chart lights, as well as outlets. When I used to do my outlets, I’d simply walk around with a small lamp. Nowadays, I own more gear, so I usually use one of the cool toys pictured. They test for live current and light up when they find it. You simply pop them into the outlet or a slot, and see. These are relatively inexpensive, and can be found at local retailers like Canadian Tire and Princess Auto.

Now that you’ve got your system labeled, it makes it easier the next time a storm rolls in and the power cuts out… or you put two 1500W heaters on the same circuit…. don’t ask. It also makes it easier for your favorite electrician, when you need to call in the pros to help you out.