One of the most popular home renovations nowadays is an energy efficient heat pump installation. These units can be much more efficient than oil, gas or electrical heating systems, and work wonderfully in our Maritime climate. People are flocking to install them – but buyer beware – when used improperly, or when the wrong unit is installed for the space required, they can be problematic. Always ensure a professional installs your unit, who has taken in to account all factors at play.

How Does it Work?

A heat pump works by extracting heat from outside air, and pushing it into you indoor space. Even a small temperature difference can proved enough ambient heat to allow the unit to exchange. A heat pump just moves heat – it doesn’t create it via fuel, like traditional heating systems. In this way it is much more efficient than baseboard heaters, or gas and oil furnaces.

Consider Your Needs

Heat pumps are gaining in popularity, but it is good to understand the cost of them before rushing out to install one. One of the reasons they are so popular, is they offer added features beyond a standard heating system. Heat pumps can dehumidify your home, and can also provide COOL AIR in the summer, akin to an air-conditioning unit. But like an AC unit, they will add to your electrical costs if you use them for these purposes.

Other Ways to Save Energy

If you are looking to save energy overall in the home, you should start smaller. Things like sealing drafts and installing higher-rated insulation can dramatically affect you home’s heat use at a much smaller cost. Best of all, these practices can add efficiency to the already efficient heat pump if you do decide to install one.

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