Size Matters… when it comes to heat pumps!

Bigger isn’t always better in the world of heat pumps. Many consumers assume that a bigger heat pump is better for their home. This couldn’t be further from the truth – and can be a costly mistake. If you go too big, it is nothing but trouble.

It all has to do with the science behind the units. When a heat pump initial kicks on, it runs hard to cool or heat the outer air to your set indoor temperature. Once this temperature is achieved, the unit just hums along, barely working to keep it maintained. This is why heat pumps are so efficient and such a great cost-saving unit. Maintaining a temperature is what they are designed to do.

A unit that is too large heats or cools that air too rapidly, using only the high-power ‘startup’ mode, and not the low-power ‘maintenance’ mode that the pumps are designed for. An oversized heat pump will only run for a few minutes at a time, never able to coast along at the ‘set temperature’ because it has too much power.

Over-sized units can also be very problematic in the colder months. When a heat pump only runs a few minutes at a time, it never enters into it’s defrost cycle. Ice can build up on the outdoor part of the unit, restricting airflow and potentially leading to motor burn-out, or cracked fan blades.

We recommend hiring a professional to install your equipment. That way you are ensuring that the right size pump is chosen for your space. Heat pumps are a long-term investment, and certainly should be setup correctly the first time around. Contact Flinn Electric to get your quote today!