The Nova Scotia government is launching a new program this summer aimed to support SOLAR POWER! If you’ve been considering a solar system for your home – now is the time to start planning. Nova Scotia gets a lot of sun – especially in the summer months. South-facing solar panels can collect plenty of energy and either store it for later use, feed it back to the grid, or heat your air or water. Here are a few common solar setups used around our fair province.

Solar Air Heat

Solar air heating is designed to supplement an existing home heating system. Collectors are mounted facing south on the wall or roof of your home. On sunny days, solar heaters can increase your home’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, when installed and sized properly in a well-insulated non-drafty home!

Solar Water Heater

Using either flat plate collectors, or evacuate tube collectors, a solar water heating system can save you a bundle on water heating costs. The system works by heating a water-glycol mixture in a closed-loop system.

Solar Photovoltatic

PV panels convert the sun’s rays into electrical energy. This energy can be stored in batteries via an inverter, or hooked right into your system for immediate use or to feed back to the grid for credit.

Here at Flinn Electric, we love sunny days. Please contact us to see if a solar system is right for you!