Top 8 Reasons to Switch To LED Lighting at Home

The evolution of lighting has taken another giant leap forward with the introduction of LED bulbs. This old technology has been made new and effective recently with advances in technology. You may notice even the city has been upgrading and replacing streetlights with new, modern LED lights – something they never did with CFLs. If you’re home is still running CFLs or even incandescent bulbs – you’re living in the past! An expensive, inefficient past at that. Now is the time to upgrade. LED bulbs are now relatively cheap and last for years. Here’s why you should switch today (or the next time LED bulbs are on sale at your local retailer.)

Climate Proof

LED lights work in both warm and the coldest of conditions. Which is perfect for our Nova Scotian weather! By using LED bulbs in you’re home’s outdoor fixtures, you are investing in the highest quality lights that will remain reliable and dependable, regardless of the weather!

Improved Conditions

Traditional bulbs can emit harsh light and humming sounds, which can be annoying, cause headaches, and cut into your quality of life. LED bulbs are silent, consistent, and available in a multitude of colors, both warm and cool. For the cost of a few bulbs, it’s worth it for your health.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional incandescent bulbs use 80% of their electricity generating heat. They are massively ineffective. And CFL bulbs hum and provide inconsistent light, taking time to warm up as well. Plus they still contain mercury, and are an environmental nightmare when it comes to disposal. Installing LEDs pays for itself in the first few months of utility bills, using 80% less electricity for the same amount of (better) light!

Colours Galore

LEDs come in a vast variety of different colour temperatures – from 2,200K cool light to 5,500K warm light, there’s a bulb that will suit your space perfectly. Add that to a lifespan of 10,000-100,000 hours, and you have no reason not to switch over!


CFLs cost more to operate, and even more to dispose of. The mercury in them means they require special hazmat containers for disposal, which are costly. That’s for the ones that are properly recycled – not to mention the ones that find their way into the landfill to leech mercury into the soil. LEDs require no special container, and can be recycled easily.

Consistent Light

A LED light is consistant in color and quality from the time you first¬† flick the switch until the day it burns out. Unlike other bulbs, they require no ‘warm-up’ time, will never flicker, and use no more power when you flick them on or off. So flick away!


LED bulbs are hearty. Where traditional bulbs used fragile glass, LEDs use tough plastics to give them more protection.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

LED bulbs are the GREEN choice. They offer low CO2 emissions, save money, save energy and save the planet!